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The Golden Age of rpgs, classics had its beginnings in the era of the 16-bit and passed to the next generation with exponents memorable as Final Fantasy VII or Vagrant Story, jumping to the three-dimensionality in the latest generations of consoles where the magic of yesteryear gave way to the spectacular visual and, in most cases, at the expense of a factor playable longed for the traditional users of the genre. If you’re one of those players, or simply a user dreamer who want to make a visit to the times of the past, you will already have downloaded on mobile devices offerings in the genre such as Final Fantasy VI or Dragon Quest VII.

Details game Brave Frontier mod apk

And what happens if we look for a new proposal, but at the same time classic?. The answer you have in Brave Frontier apk RPG, a role-playing game with classic taste that has already been available on Google Play since last year, but it deserves a special mention in these days of memories and acknowledgements, and to the creation of Gumi will we have a new review. It is not a coincidence that Brave Frontier mod apk pick up some reminiscences of the series Final Fantasy, because in large part there has taken inspiration. Just the logo of Brave Frontier mod apk makes a tribute to the first icons seen in the series of Square, but even the soundtrack seems to be picking up pieces, borrowed, or imitated, from the first encounters of the saga fantasy of Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu.


Brave Frontier apk is a rpg title in the classic style where through a history full fantastic is settled the future of a group of heroes, who has chosen to embed in an art exhibition superdeformed quite characteristic of the 90s, and that has been strengthening in the mobile market. The gameplay includes all the ingredients essential to create the perfect recipe to imitation of the great classics of the genre, and for it to include the relevant classes of heroes, a multitude of weapons, items and even beings that collect, something quite popular among the public easternmost and that we have already well enjoyed with unique licenses such as Dragon Quest brave frontier mod .

It will be through a town or world central where we have major customization options and human growth of the heroes. From there, we will get to the missions, we will participate in the growth of the village with more infrastructure, we will manage our objects and the computer, and enter in to full science synthesizing, fusing beings and calling upon rare creatures, making use of gems, a fundamental pillar of the program and where it takes a greater advantage of the microtransactions.

The description of Brave Frontier mod apk

The combat system in Brave Frontier mod RPG is based on the typical control by turns, but all projected towards the available touch, in a look certainly well-balanced and subtle, in an attempt to quite remarkable to familiarise the public with more generalist a title of this genre with a few concepts playable well-defined. The combats are offering through stages in a specific area of the map, and in the computers that control always, we will count with the participation of guests, but taking care not to underestimate the enemies, because if we don’t miss the strange creatures and objects that we have collected during recent clashes. To highlight the use of the command Brave Burst, a bar of fury through which our characters will trigger special moves to the top of our lungs.

Brave Frontier apk mod is possibly the best exponent of the genre in our terminals Android if experience pure we’re talking about, and ignoring adaptations of great classics. Good visual appearance, excellent soundtrack, sympathy, a world of fantasy style, strategy and a lot of fun. You can’t ask for more. Take advantage of the video game is free to download because it offers a commercial value even higher than other games that are paid. What you’ve already downloaded it?.

Brave Frontier mod apk: JRPG on your mobile phone

Brave Frontier mod apk is a game JRPG for smartphones with Android and iOS developed by Gumi. If you liked Final Fantasy, this doesn’t have to like it, but the creators say that if.

Coincidences of life, one I was bored, looking for a game that filled part of the afternoons of summer, in the store of Google applications when among the featured games appeared this such Brave Frontier apk. Attracted by the bright lights, the characters lovable and the formation of the units of a thousand and one times seen in games how well we have done so to spend, I decided to download (it’s free, why not?) despite not having a fox of him.

The same game we will slowly introduce the rules that govern Brave Frontier mod apk, starting with a story quite bland and not the typical bad maloso powerful to defeat and your own presentation, the novatillo of turn that is going to end up with him. The game itself is a fusion between Rpg battles and turn-based Pokemon, begins by giving you to choose between a character at the beginning, one of the basic types. I, as a newbie, I chose the fire for more molismo and point.

The combat mechanics is very simple, each of your characters can perform an attack, you select a target and press on the icon of your character. To give you a little life, each character has a special ability called a Brave Burst that is going to recharge as the enemies drop a window to be beaten, also if you hit two or more of your units do so at the same time will cause more damage. Use potions and objects will also influence the course of the battle, nothing that we have not seen in any rpg.

Download Brave Frontier mod apk (MOD, god mode) free on android

There are different forms of game you can fight against other players in the arena (with the downside of being a combat simulated in the that the AI of the game handles on both teams), delve into dungeons special in the Vortex, or to perform the missions of the story mode, where you catch monsters and other units, collect materials and gain experience. This is not limited by the typical energy bar that recharges with time.

Outside of combat you can strengthen your units fusionandolas with others to gain experience, create potions, items to equip or modify your squads of up to 5 units. One of the successes of Brave Frontier apk mod is the collaboration between players, by means of “gifts”, which do not involve any cost to the player, your friends to help, added by code, or between the players fought in the arena or used as reinforcements during the mission.

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As you can imagine, a free to play game of these features are supported by micropayments to obtain Gems, that can be exchanged for upgrades in the game. Fortunately, it has achieved a good balance, and these Gems only help the players that are impatient and do not pose a tara to enjoy the game, because there are numerous events and promotions where you can get Gems and thus be able to summon strong units and use the rest of advantages, yes in a more limited way.

Yes, on the technical part of Brave Frontier apk mod still needs to improve, paron general for Gumi to update the game are fairly common. The game always requires an internet connection (although it does not consume too much data) so that there are load times every time you make any change, also there are connection problems several with some devices, but generally do not pose a great inconvenience to the user and hopefully soon to be remedied.

A very entertaining game with a very active community,in the asian countries is a success and attend three regional versions of the game, Global, Asia, and Europe, montonazo of events, units, and options to be able to pass those boring moments of waiting, among other activities. Although I warn you, at the start it can become addictive. Do you want to come try Brave Frontier mod apk?

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