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Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk is a new adventure game of superheroes based on the world of Marvel, and accompanied by an area student. In the school of SHIELD, where the director is Nick Fury, our students: Tony, Hulk, black widow, Loki and others, are going to have to “approve” all of its subjects to the community. This is a game developed by TinyCo, a company with experience in franchising of renown who have already developed the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, co-created with the writers of the animated series Father of Family.

The fun is not only in the Gameplay

Download MARVEL Avengers Academy (MOD, Free Store) free on android

If you download in this game with the expectation of get to control our favourite superheroes and start to split firewood with his powers, let you notice. This is not an arcade game. Marvel avengers academy mod apk apk features a background narrative important that oblige us to follow a chronological order of the story to reveal the secrets that are hidden in this version of the world Marvel. In the light of a new threat of Hydra, the director Nick Fury has founded the Marvel avengers academy mod apk apk with the objective of teaching our young protagonists to fight against evil enhancing their unique abilities. But beware, not everything will be a bed of roses in the academy as a mysterious evil surrounding the walls of the school.

We assume that you want to know what kind of game is Marvel avengers academy mod apk apk. Well, it is a game of adventure, but also of management. Within the game we can customize our own campus student, you unlock new characters to fight with them, participate in their social life and, of course, to fight a range of villains. Even so, the core mechanic of the game revolves around the construction and maintenance of the academy in studying our superheroes, we’re going to have to go recruiting and caring, taking care that they go to class, train and so on, so that their powers, which will be at the beginning still very green, are developed and they are becoming more and more strong.

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Marvel avengers academy mod apk apk mod – Our heroes

As you’re completing missions, desbloquearemos new buildings of the academy and new heroes. If in addition we get these gain levels, not only can we improve them but customize it to our liking and that they are unique. We can also equip them with different powers that they use to fight. One of the most eye-catching Marvel avengers academy mod apk apk mod is that they live our heroes, we will be able to have appointments between them and create romantic relationships. But all this remains in the background when we go to perform our missions.


Each mission we ask you a number of heroes specifically to carry it out. You try to get organized and see how much time is required by each character on each mission, so that we can make faster when we play and let those that are going to take a long time for when we abandon the game, so that you are ready for when we come back to play. Focus on all the missions of history and try to always have missions in place for no hero this free and your progress is optimal.

Trailer of Marvel avengers academy mod apk apk mod

Analysis of Marvel avengers academy mod apk apk mod in accordance with:


MARVEL Avengers Academy Description


The gameplay of the game is very correct and is perfectly suited to the game mechanics. The actions are intuitive and you always have the option of asking for help from the interface to know if what you do is what you are asking or not. Perhaps the only shortcoming worth mentioning is the feedback time of the mission, because we don’t always know with clarity that characters are occupied or which are not.


The graphics are splendid, marking the factions that we know of each one of the actors playing the iconic Marvel superhero. We note the great work that has gotten into the study of TinyCo for the realization of this great management game.


Again, at this point it is important to highlight the great care that you have had with this delivery. The voices are original, completely folded. The music is never in the background, it is diverse, balanced, and facilitates the immersion of the player. Given this we recommend, and a lot of, the use of headphones to play Marvel avengers academy mod apk mod.

Final Verdict:

Highly recommended, its gameplay is dynamic, its management is complex, but intuitive and its history is the component that completes this great game. Don’t lose more time and start to build your strength student with Loki, the Hulk, Thor and other Marvel superheroes to defeat Hydra!!!

War breaks out ‘Marvel/Fox’ for the series ‘Marvel avengers academy mod apk mod’

After all the fight for the rights of their characters, and many sprints derivatives (that if you kill this or that character, that if you cancel this series, that if any characters or merchandising new…) the war between Marvel and Fox has not broken out through the fault of the franchise ‘X-Men’, as you would expect, but for ‘Marvel avengers academy mod apk mod ‘.

And is that as we count from the portal 28DI, the already catastrophic leak of Sony not only would they have revealed details of the films ‘Spiderman’, but you also put in knowledge of Fox’s new series that Marvel prepares for the channel to Netflix, and that finally it will not be ‘The Defenders’, but ‘Marvel avengers academy mod apk mod’. According to e-mails sent between Mark Khalil (director of marketing of Sony) and Christina Miquel (director of projects of Fox), the series would begin shortly after the events of ‘The Avengers: the age of Ultrón‘: to ensure that the land will be protective if ‘The Avengers‘ happens to you something, Tony Stark (‘Iron Man’) opens a secret school for people super powerful with the intention of forming the next team of Marvel avengers academy mod apk mod.

The series would tell us the adventures and misadventures of Jessica Drew, a teenager who has been injected with the serum of the spider’, an attempt to reproduce the formula for the super soldier, a mystery that has kidnapped his father. In the academy you will meet your new friends: the shy, quiet and ‘Tygra‘, which is transformed into a fierce tigress when it feels in danger (or in an embarrassing situation, leading to many comic situations), and Jennifer Walters, an african-american amateur to hip hop that has been drunk by that error in the bottling plant, part of the blood of the Hulk, which allows him to transform into a new green giant. We will also meet his two new interests loving: Johnny Blaze, the bad boy of the academy (possessed by an evil demonic spirit, although he is good of heart), and Vance Astrovik, his childhood best friend who now has the powers telekinéticos. Both guys will not be precisely well… Also will meet new enemies: Kang, the asian guy from the science club that hates it, for some unknown reason, or Morgana Le Fay, president of the cheerleading squad and her boyfriend Dirk Garthwaite and his team of football ‘brigade demolition‘.

Features of Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk

All this would not have been so devastating for both companies not to be that Fox was preparing a series on the X-Men, with Rogue in the place of Jessica knowing, Dazzler and Psylocke. Now, both companies will begin a series of trials and lawsuits by the rights of exploitation of the series, as well as for the rights of characters and arguments. Fox claims to all the characters in mutants of the franchise, have appeared for the first time, where they have appeared, as well as that they return the rights to ‘Daredevil‘ and ‘Ghost Rider‘; while Marvel demands the return of the rights of mutants and a financial reward for the films.

‘Marvel avengers Academy mod apk’, the game that brings us to ‘The Avengers’ teenage

TinyCo and Marvel Entertainment have announced that they are developing a new game for iOS and Android based on the comics and movies of ‘The Avengers’. However, this game does not bring us new adventures of the group of superheroes, but it passes! and is that ‘Marvel avengers Academy mod apk’, which is how they call the game, and brings us to those heroes themselves, but of adolescents.

Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk

What we will do in ‘Marvel avengers Academy mod apk’ will be to build an academy to guide them in their passage to adulthood. Yes, indeed, we are to The Avengers what the Professor Xavier to the X-Men.

According to his developers, “the game will have the opportunity to unlock our favorite characters from The Avengers by scanning, and these will level up, develop their superpowers and playing through the original stories written in collaboration between TinyCo and Marvel Entertainment. To go beyond that, each character can be customized with skills and outfits only”.

Iron Man, Loki, Captain America, Black Widow, and the rest of the characters, are reinterpreted as versions more young people from themselves, students who, although they are obviously different to the characters that we already know will be easily recognizable. In addition, the Creative Director of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, at the end of the game will have a surprise: “you’ll have to discover a mystery hidden under this school. What has transformed the students, and what sequence of events I have gathered in the university of superhumans? Do you have what it takes to become an Avenger?”.

First look at the characters

In the teaser trailer of the game we see some elements of an institute or a university, and banner ads that make reference to our superheroes. In the end, we see how Thor uses his hammer to nail one of these posters, which ask for votes for Captain America to be the delegate of class, a resource quite comical that can give us an idea of how will be the game.

What we have seen by now there are 3 of the characters: hawkeye, Black Widow and Loki. As we can see, do not look much like the actors who interpret them (Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Hiddleston, respectively). However, they do have their differentiating elements, like the arrows of the first, the red hair of the second, and that anger against his brother Loki.

There is still no release date of ‘Marvel avengers Academy mod apk’, but remember that will come out on iOS and Android devices.

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