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We tested Real racing 3 mod apk apk, to fund

After so long waiting we bring you in-depth analysis of the last great driving game on the App Store: Real racing 3 mod apk apk. Really the graphics removed from the hypo-to anyone with an iPhone 5 or an iPad with Retina display, looks great. But on the new model that have taken, free of charge and with payments on the app, makes this a great title is a little decaffeinated. Also for its price (zero euros) worth saving a couple gigs on your device and do a race with friends.

Analyzing fund Real racing 3 mod apk apk

We’ve finally been able to get their hands on Real racing 3 mod apk apk after a couple of delays. It seems that the Firemonkeys took their time to Polish all the details of the last delivery of the best series of racing games for iOS. Remember that was presented in the keynote of the iPhone 5, putting in relief the power of the new A6 processor of Apple and the new 4-inch Retina display. Five months have already passed since then and the wait has been worth it, I can assure you Real racing 3 mod apk apk.

What’s New in Real Racing 3 MOD APK

As we anticipate the release date of the third installment was the 28th of February, and so it happened last night at about 22 hours. Lately, she has raised more controversy by passing to be an application freemium free, but purchases through the application. Also I will tell to you as they are.

Gameplay Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod

As in the previous titles, there are several ways to control our car. The one that comes by default and that I recommend is with the accelerometer, rotating the device and pressing on the screen to touch the brake with auto acceleration, although you can control it with a steering wheel, a virtual on-screen or with buttons on the ends, and also manual acceleration. Controls to taste each one.

For those who don’t like to complicate things also become assistances to the driving direction, braking, and traction control. What will the address is reconducirnos inside the path if we leave it, the braking, which can be adjusted to high, low or off, prevents us estampemos when you come to a curve; and, finally, the traction control, as its name indicates, prevents our car sobrevire touching a little on the brake when you turn the wheels.

View from the inside of the car Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod

Actually, as I was praying my buddy Diego in his analysis of Real Racing 2 more than a year ago, this is not a real driving simulator. It is a racing game with many aspirations of getting to be. They give so many assists already denotes: if you want an experience as real as possible, I recommend to increase the sensitivity of the address, and turn off all the assists, leaving if you want the traction control. It greatly enhances the game experience, to the contrary in the races it will not be necessary nor to touch the brake, drives the car alone and in the more difficult races you will not be able to advance to the contrary where you want.

In general, the driving sensations are very good, and they get better as you progress and you will acquire more powerful cars: the cars respond better each time. We cannot say that the Artificial Intelligence of the opponents has improved why are real, in all races, as long as we have connection, we will compete against real people for what the races are much more exciting and difficult in some cases that if competiéramos against the CPU.

Drag race in Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod

Time Shifted Multiplayer Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod

This is the new feature that showed during the keynote presentation of the past year. As I just said, in Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod we will compete always against real people, including our friends. The thanks is what we don’t need the other players to be online at the same time as us. In the words of the developers Real racing 3 mod apk mod:

When you face another player you are competing with your double interactive, which emulates their performance and skill on the track. Under identical conditions, this double will get the same mark. However, each race is different and the result depends only from you

It certainly is not the same as if jugásemos online at the same time or in split-screen with a friend, but at least our opponents –the majority– are more intelligent than some cars of the CPU, so what you’ll see getaways, overtaking on the inside, on the outside… In short, everything that a person of flesh and bone could ever imagine, and looking over the car, the avatar, and the name of the player in question, as long as we are online. I’m looking forward to that my friends is engaged and to challenge them through Facebook or Game Center, despite the fact that it does not currently include multiplayer mode traditional.

Real Racing 3 MOD APK Features

Graphics Real racing 3 mod apk mod

Lately the new games in the App Store is not highlighted for its excellent graphics. The last that I remember that has surprised me in terms of the graphic section is Modern Combat 4, I really enjoyed your graphics in the first moments of the game on my iPhone 5. Me has been the same with Real Racing. The game starts with a video, type the trailer that showed in August of last year, of a race of Porsches. Then, we take the control of one and see all the reflections in the bodywork of the car, even during the race and in real-time.

Departure from the grill with a view from the hood

I have to say that these reflexes are only in our car, our opponents are a little more matte, they have not gone the wax. The first race with the Porsche 911 is at Laguna Seca, and at a time of day in which the sun goes low, so that there are reflexes in the lens creating compositions spectacular.

We note the work of modeling on all the cars and the detailed interiors for every car, including the rear-view mirrors, functional interior and exterior. According to the community manager of Firemonekys, the number of polygons of the cars is comparable to the console games of the current generation. All these charts move thanks to the new engine Mint 3, which is undoubtedly spectacular in an iPhone 5, and it should be safe on an iPad with Retina display.

Cars and tracks available Real racing 3 mod apk mod

There are three classes of vehicles: for series or production (class P), competition (class R) or supercar (S class) and we need to spend per case to park any of the 45 cars available in our garage, to part of wait “time of delivery” if you do not want to pay more for it. We can improve our cars in different sections: engine, power transmission, suspension, exhaust, braking and tyres, in different stages of improvement each and explained in detail to finally improve the top speed, acceleration, braking distance and grip.

The end of the race with the car turned to powder, and repairs to be done

In this new edition, the cars receive damage, both aesthetic and performance. When you hit a today or an opponent, we will see how our car is dented, the glass cracks or falls off the bumper. Also affect the performance, doing that will not get to the top speed or the braking is not as powerful. We’ll even have to make the maintenance of oil or tires every certain number of races to maintain their performance.

As they announced Firemonkeys no time in forcing anyone to spend real money to buy more Real Dollars (R$), you’ll be able to continue to compete with the car without going through the workshop or you will have to do more races and win more money to repair it later. These are the cars available:

Changes in this version Real Racing 3:

  • Audi: TT RS Coupe, R8 V10 Coupé, R8 LMS Ultra
  • BMW: 1 Series M Coupe, Z4 M Coupe, M3 Coupe, Z4 SDRIVE35IS, M3 GTS, M6 Coupe, Z4 GT3, M3 GT2 ALMS Real racing 3 mod apk mod
  • Bugatti: Veyron 16.4
  • Dodge: Challenger R/T, Challenger SRT8, Viper SRT10 Coupe, Viper SRT10 ACR-X
  • Ford: Focus RS, Shelby GT500, Ford GT, Ford GT FIA GT1
  • Koenigsegg: CCXR, Agera, Agera R
  • Lamborghini: Gallardo LP560-4, Gallardo LP560-4 GT3, Murcielago R-SV GT1, Aventador, LP 700-4
  • McLaren: MP4-12C, F1
  • Nissan: Silvia (S15), Skyline GT-R V-SPEC (R34), Fairlady Z (Z33), Fairlady Z (Z34) GT-R Premium (R35), Sumo Power GT GT-R GT1 JR Motorsports GT-R GT1
  • Pagani: Zonda F, Huyra, Zonda R
  • Porsche: 911 GT3 RS, 911 GT3 RS 4.0, 911 GT3 CUP, CARRERA GT, Prototype of the 918 RSR Prototype of the 918 SPYDER
  • SRT: Viper GTS

With regard to the circuits, the good news is that they are real. With all luxury of detail are reproduced circuits around the world like Laguna Seca, Suzuka, Brands Hatch, Indianapolis Moto Speedway, Hockenheimring, Spa-Francorchamps or Silverstone.

Freemium model Real racing 3 mod apk mod

This aspect is the more controversy it has raised. EA has decided to release this game for free, “to make it accessible to all the world” and has been designed from the ground up to be free. Does that mean that we will have to pass by the box on the other side or not? Not necessarily, it’s not exactly like CSR Racing but going by there. To make repairs, maintenance, buying a car, we will have to wait for a certain time if we don’t want to leave money or gold. The time is not excessive, as we progress each time will increase, but in most cases it is bearable, and as we will already have more than a car we can go turnándolos.

Real Racing 3 Modded APK Free Download

Starting grid with 22 cars

If you really want to advance and drive the Porsche or the McLaren on the day the two of you have downloaded the game we can do it through the in-game store without any kind of problem. But, as I say, in my first 30 minutes of play I have not had any problem of time or money. What I’ve found is a race that is extremely difficult where the head of the race escapes, and those of time I had left parked in the absence of improvements in my cars.

Conclusion Real racing 3 mod apk

The game, by a lot to say now some voices will be a sure hit. Yes, this business model that is being adopted is questionable: – free but… But really does not put as many barriers as they preach, some to go forward. It is also true that personally, and for sure many will think like me, I would have preferred to pay 5, 7 or as much as 9 euros for a title like that and not have any type of limitation. During the tests we have done we have been able to play for about 30 minutes until the end of the gold to pay repairs and maintenance instantly, and from here I had to go doing small breaks of 5 or 10 minutes.

How can Apple have something to do with that Real racing 3 mod apk is free? Can Apple you’re more interested in this type of business model in the App Store? What we will see in the next few months. It is true that the current model, pay for an application and

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